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Can I also add fresh herbs/leaves/flowers to my water kefir/kombucha?Updated a year ago

When you use natural plant materials, you also get all the benefits of the nutrients they bring. The SCOBY will absorb these nutrients and pre-digest them for you. This ensures a higher bioavailability of these nutrients. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering herbal teas. Here are some of the most popular herbal supplements for kombucha:


  • Raspberry leaf - antibacterial and helps digestion
  • Dandelion - good for improving liver health and cleansing the blood
  • Elderflower - a vitamin-rich spring tonic
  • Nettle - anti-inflammatory, helps with rheumatism
  • Chamomile - reduces flatulence and helps soothe the nervous system


Regarding the fresh herbs: it is better to dry the herbs beforehand. Then, in any case, boil the tea briefly for 1 minute so that the kombucha/water kefir is not contaminated!

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