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How can I make my milk kefir as creamy as possible?Updated a year ago

Many kefir fans like the consistency to be as thick and creamy as possible. To achieve this, we have a few tips for you:

  • Use whole milk with 3.8% fat. The more fat the kefir contains, the creamier it will be. You can also add a dash of cream to the milk for a rich cream kefir.
  • For a creamy consistency, it is important that you stir 1-2 times a day during the fermentation with the nodules. This way, the microorganisms spread well in the milk and ferment it evenly.
  • Don't let your kefir ferment too short or too long: the longer the kefir ferments, the creamier it becomes. If it ferments too long, the point is reached where whey and curd separate. When exactly this point is reached depends on your individual fermentation conditions. If you regularly taste your kefir while stirring it, you can get a good feel for the process.
  • You can also let your kefir hang in a cloth after sieving. The whey will drip out and the kefir will become firmer and firmer until it has the consistency of yoghurt after about 3 hours and that of cream cheese after about 6 hours. 
  • If you prefer a particularly thick result, you could also think about making yoghurt. In contrast to kefir, yoghurt is even stiff.
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