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My milk kefir is not getting thick. What can I do?Updated a year ago

First, ask yourself how long your milk kefir has been standing. After 24 hours, it should smell slightly sour and start to bubble. If it still doesn't thicken, you can try the following things:


- After one day of fermentation, stir the entire mixture with a plastic spoon and allow fermenting further.

- Increase the fermentation time to 3 to 5 days and store in a cool place (in the refrigerator).

- Do not wash the tubers with water. Maybe the kefir doesn't cope with the water quality or needs to get used to it.

- A change in temperature can additionally stimulate fermentation. So 1 day room temperature, 1 day in the refrigerator - always alternating.

- Rinse the fermentation vessel thoroughly with clear water. The kefir does not tolerate the residues of dishwasher detergent. Also rinse the utensils cleaned with the dishwasher extra with clear water - The kefir does not like the residues of rinse aid either.

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