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My milk kefir pulls slimy strings.Updated a year ago

When you harvest your milk kefir and separate tubers from each other, sometimes you may see slimy, translucent strings coming out. Congratulations! This is a great indication of how healthy your culture is and that it is doing well. If you don't have these threads, there is no reason to worry.

Every culture is different. Some have more and some less of the so-called "kefiran". Kefiran are gel-forming polysaccharides (multiple sugars) with which the culture shields itself. Many plants (algae, tuberous plants, etc.), other bacteria and fungi have also evolutionarily developed this strategy to protect themselves from environmental influences (such as dehydration). Aloe Vera is a good example of a mucilaginous plant texture and the effects of Aloe Vera on the gut have been known worldwide for centuries.

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