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My milk kefir separates into two layers and a liquid settles.Updated a year ago

If the kefir becomes very acidic, the milk protein begins to coagulate and the whey settles: two layers form: a white, thick layer, which is the curd, and a yellowish, watery layer, which is the whey.
In this case, you can simply stir vigorously or hang the kefir through a cloth and make fresh cheese. To get your kefir lumps out of the thick curd, you can carefully pass it through a coarse-meshed sieve with a spoon.

If you don't want the kefir to separate again the next time, make sure that there is not too much acidity, e.g. by: 

  1. Allow the kefir to ferment for a shorter time and stir regularly.
  2. Use fewer nodules in relation to the milk (1 tbsp nodules per 1 l milk) and/or 
  3. Let the kefir ferment a little slower in a slightly cooler place.
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