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My vegan cheese won't set. What can I do?Updated a year ago

After blending you get a creamy mixture that is put into the cheesecloth and then into the cheese mould. There, the mixture takes shape and becomes firmer. If the result is not firm enough for you, you have several options, which we explain below.

Transglutaminase: If the end result of the cheese is too soft, you can use transglutaminase. We recommend 1 tsp of transglutaminase in our recipes. You can increase the amount if you want to achieve an even firmer consistency.
Refrigeration: Refrigeration makes freshly fermented cheese, such as cream cheese and ricotta, firmer. If you have only fermented the cheese at room temperature, store it in the fridge overnight for further thickening.
Draining: Extend the draining time for your vegan cheese. It will gain firmness.

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