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The noble mould does not grow or only grows on one side of my Camembert/Brie.Updated a year ago

Sometimes the cheese is not completely covered with the white mould and the mould formation stagnates. This can have various causes, e.g. too short a fermentation time, too little mould culture, wrong temperatures during the maturing process, not working 100% hygienically, etc. You should pay attention to the following points.

Correct temperature: Depending on the temperature in your refrigerator, mould growth can take longer (2-4 weeks). We recommend that you place the cheese in the warmest part of your fridge (top shelf). It may help to take the cheese out for an hour each day and let it ferment briefly at room temperature. Then place it back in your fridge.
Oxygenation: The mould culture also needs enough oxygen to grow. Make sure that oxygen can get into your ripening box or freshness box. If you use ripening paper, wrap it loosely around the cheese or change to a ripening box or fresh-keeping box. If the mould only grows on one side, this is a sign that you should turn the cheese more often. This way the cheese gets enough oxygen from both sides.
Ingredients: Check your ingredients: Have you used ingredients that have an antimicrobial effect? Also, only use salt that does not contain iodine or fluorine.

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