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What is the best way to care for my sourdough culture?Updated a year ago

Have you used some of your starter for baking? Then it's time to feed your sourdough and replenish it. But even if you haven't baked, the sourdough needs feeding again after about 7 days, otherwise the microorganisms will start to starve. In this case, take some of your sourdough starter and feed it again. Now you have the rest of the old starter. It is no longer ideal as far as the strength of the shoots is concerned and is therefore no longer suitable for bread. You can collect the rest of your sourdough in a large jar in the fridge and use it gradually for sourdough pancakes and other baked goods.



8g sourdough starter

80g wholemeal rye flour

100g water


Step 1.

Put the sourdough in your Mason Ball jar with the flour and water.


Step 2.

Stir everything well so that no dry patches of flour are visible. Screw the jar shut and leave the sourdough to rise at room temperature for 8-10 hours until the starter has approximately doubled.

Tip: Immediately after feeding, mark the height of the dough on the outside of your jar with a rubber band or a pen. This way you can easily see when the starter has doubled.


Step 3.

Once the starter has risen, you can use it directly for baking or store it tightly closed with a lid in the fridge.

The sourdough will keep there for about 7 days, then it is time to feed again.


If you want to make larger quantities of sourdough, you can simply multiply the quantities given. When choosing the container, make sure to leave enough space for the starter to rise. Since the starter doubles in size as it rises, the container should be no more than half full after feeding.


Are you feeding your starter with a type of flour other than wholemeal rye? Then use equal parts of flour and water, i.e. only 80g of water.

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