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How long do the cooking attachments and glass weights remain in use?

The glass weights serve the purpose of keeping the ferment under the brine. With the help of the fermentation caps, gases can escape. Both remain in the jar until you stop the fermentation. Afterwards, clean the fermenter tops and glass weights and u

What is the difference between fermentation jar and fermentation pot?

Vegetables used to be fermented in fermentation pots with a water channel. Such ceramic pots with special lids are still available today and offer the advantage of being able to ferment large quantities of cabbage and other vegetables. However, ferme

Why do I need chamfering attachments?

The fermenting inserts ensure that no oxygen enters the jar, but at the same time gases produced during fermentation can escape. This ensures safe fermentation, prevents the formation of mould and prevents the jar from bursting.

What is the purpose of the Mason Ball lid?

The fermentation takes place without oxygen. The lid is needed to close the vessel. It is best to use fermentation caps so that gases that develop during fermentation can escape. If you do not use a fermenter, please close the lid loosely.

Which glass is best for wild ferments?

Our favourite jars to use are Mason Ball jars. The jars have several advantages

Do the jar weights fit in Mason Ball jars?

The glass weights have a diameter of 7 cm and fit perfectly in wide mouth Mason Jars. The practical handle ensures easy removal of the weight from the jar.

Why do I need a cabbage masher?

A cabbage masher makes the work of fermenting much easier. It not only helps to pile up the vegetables, but also ensures due to its special shape that a lot of brine is created without damaging the cabbage and vegetables too much.

What do I have to consider when cleaning the glasses?

The fermentation vessels must not contain any residues of cleaning agents in order not to influence the fermentation process. Therefore, always rinse jars from the dishwasher thoroughly and hot.

Why do I need glass weights?

The glass weights serve the purpose of keeping the ferment under the brine. This is important to prevent mould from forming and to ensure proper fermentation, as mould can only form in the presence of oxygen.

How do I use Inulin?

Inulin is a prebiotic dietary fibre derived from agave. It has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and the development of healthy intestinal flora. Our organic inulin has excellent solubility and heat stability a

Is there also a voucher from fairment?

Of course, you can also buy a voucher in our online store.