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General Questions

Is the fairment shop page also available in other languages?

We currently have a German and an international shop. The latter can be found here: https://fairment.com/. All information is provided in English.

Are the instructions for your cultures also available in French, Spanish or English?

You can also get our instructions in French, Spanish and English. Have a look here:Fairment.com/instructions

One product is currently not available

With new product launches, unfortunately we never know how big the demand will be. Sometimes the demand is very high and therefore our stock is quickly sold out. As soon as we have the desired product back in stock, we will inform you via our newslet

Can I also freeze the cultures to extend their shelf life?

The cultures have the best before date on them, up to which we guarantee that the culture will keep in the refrigerator without compromising quality. If you want to freeze the culture, you can of course do so. However, we do not guarantee the quality

Is my fermented product still edible?

For us, it is also very difficult to judge from pictures if your product is still edible or not. Therefore, we ask you to rely on your senses. Smell it and try a small piece and then decide if it is still good or not. Mold is always dry and furry. Mo

Are your sets dishwasher safe?

Except for the lids of the Mason Ball jars, you can clean all components of the set in the dishwasher.

What does F2 mean?

F2 is the abbreviation for second fermentation. The first fermentation takes place under aerobic (oxygen present) conditions. Second fermentation is done by bottling the beverage under "anaerobic" (no oxygen present) conditions. This is mainly done t

Can I also heat your products?

You can of course heat our products. However, it is very important to us that the microorganisms are preserved. Some of them are very sensitive to heat and are killed by the heat. Therefore, we recommend not to heat our products and to enjoy them col