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Shipping options

Do i have to pay import duties or taxes?

Current information on duties and taxes can be found here:https://fairment.com/policies/shipping-policy.

To which countries does fairment deliver?

A list of the countries we ship to can be found here: https://fairment.com/policies/shipping-policy.

Why can't items be ordered for self-collection?

Unfortunately, for logistical and hygienic reasons, our products can not be collected from our small manufactory. Furthermore, there is no possibility to accept payments on site.

How is the delivery and how fast?

All orders are currently shipped by DHL/German Post with tracking. More information can be found on this site: https://fairment.com/policies/shipping-policy.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping for orders from the store Fairment International (fairment.com) is free for orders over 100 Euro. More information can be found on this site: https://fairment.com/policies/shipping-policy