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Yeast Flakes

Don't you see any health risks of yeast flakes due to glutamic acid?

Yeast flakes and yeast extracts contain glutamic acid, a natural amino acid found in almost every food, of course especially in protein-rich foods, since amino acids are known to be the building blocks of proteins. Depending on the concentration, it

Do the yeast flakes have organic quality?

Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to produce the yeast flakes in organic quality.

What is the shelf life of the yeast flakes?

The batch, which is currently available for purchase in our store, has a shelf life until January 4, 2022. If you always close the package properly after opening and store them in a dry place, they will last until that date even after opening.

Can yeast flakes contribute to vitamin B12 supply?

Conventional yeast flakes contain many B vitamins, including vitamin B12. Unfortunately, this is present in a very small amount of about 0.1 µg per 100g, so that the daily requirement of 4-5 µg of an adult can not be covered alone. Our yeast flakes a

How are the yeast flakes made?

Our fairment yeast flakes are grown on molasses basis. After the growth phase, the yeasts are rolled and heated. These breaks down the cell walls and stops the conversion of sugars to alcohol.

Were B vitamins added to the yeast flakes?

Our yeast flakes naturally contain a lot of B vitamins. This comes from the work of yeasts, which produce B vitamins as metabolic products. To also contribute to the daily requirement of vitamin B12, our yeast flakes are additionally added vitamin B1