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Does water kefir contain alcohol?Updated a year ago

The alcohol content of water kefir depends strongly on the circumstances of the fermentation. How much sugar was used? How long was the fermentation? How warm was it? Was a secondary fermentation added?

Normally, water kefir contains between 0.2 and 2% alcohol. On average, the alcohol content is 0.5%. 

The easiest way to keep the alcohol content in water kefir as low as possible is not to ferment it for too long (24 - 48 h).  For those who want the lowest possible alcohol content, here are a few more tips from us:

 - Less sugar : The yeasts need the sugar for their metabolism and convert it into alcohol and CO2. Less sugar therefore requires less potential alcohol. But don't go too far down with the sugar content. We recommend 50 g/L sugar.

 - Drink it fresh : Drink your water kefir as fresh as possible. Longer storage, even at low temperatures will slowly increase the alcohol content.

 - Open fermentation: Under anaerobic conditions it is more difficult for some bacteria to convert alcohol into acids. Therefore, you can try to keep the alcohol content low with the help of an open fermentation.

 - Room temperature: Too high or low temperatures affect the symbiosis and balance of yeasts and bacteria. Room temperature is best!

- Avoid fruits: Especially fresh fruits and sweet fruit juices lead to higher alcohol content

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