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Water Kefir

Where should I store the finished bottles of water kefir?

Finished bottles can best be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks or months. Your water kefir will not go bad, but because it is alive, the taste will change. It becomes more sour.

Which water should I use for water kefir?

Water kefir crystals benefit from water with a high mineral content. Spring water is naturally rich in minerals and is therefore ideal as a basis for water kefir.

There are orange grains between the water kefir crystals. What is it?

The small orange grains are seeds from the figs that you add during the brewing process. Unfortunately, they are too small to be filtered out.

Which bacteria and yeast cultures are contained in water kefir?

The composition can vary with each brewing process. The best-known and most common bacteria and yeasts found in water kefir are as follows:

The water kefir tastes like vinegar. What have I done wrong?

If your water kefir tastes like vinegar, there is no sugar left in it. Either you let it stand too long or you added too little sugar at the beginning.

The water kefir becomes thick and slimy. What is wrong with it?

Sometimes the balance of the culture is upset. If your water kefir is slimy and a little thicker than usual, you may have an excess of Leuconostoc bacteria. They are very important for the fermentation, but by reducing the sugar content, filtering th

Can you reuse the fruits from the water kefir batch?

After fermentation, most fruits contain enough nitrogen to brew another run with them.

Can you also use the kombucha jar for water kefir?

Of course, you can also use our 3 litre jar to make water kefir. Our jar comes with a metal lid (alternative: metal lid and band).

The water kefir crystals grow too quickly. Is that normal?

Yes, that is quite normal. We pay attention to the highest quality and our crystals are very potent.

Will the water kefir crystals survive the transport to my home?

Of course! The culture is very robust and transport does not bother it.  The bag of crystals may be distended, which indicates the vitality of our cultures and is not a sign of worry or spoilage. Please start the culture as soon as you receive it or

The water kefir does not multiply, what should I do?

This usually happens when the water is not rich in minerals. You can add a small pinch of salt or eggshell.

Why doesn't my water kefir produce carbonic acid?

This can have several causes. Have you taken too little sugar? Are there enough yeasts? Did you close your glass tightly? If your glass is fitted with our fermentation tops, the carbon dioxide can always escape. It only really produces carbonic acid

What types of sugar can I use for water kefir?

You can use any sugar that contains sucrose. Refined white sugar and raw cane sugar are best.

How much sugar is needed for water kefir?

60 grams of sugar are needed per litre of water kefir.

What do I do if I go on a trip or want to take a break from water kefir?

You have 3 options, depending on how long you want the break to be.

What ingredients do I need to make water kefir?

Water kefir is a very versatile fermented drink. The conventional recipe consists of water, sugar and dried fruit, such as figs (not sulphurised). However, making it with coconut water or other juices is also very popular. Simply add the appropriate

How much water kefir can I make with the crystals supplied?

You need about 30 g of crystals to make one litre of kefir. That's exactly how much we supply you with. The good news is that the crystals multiply rapidly! So not only can you gradually brew more water kefir, but you can also give it to your friends

What is the shelf life of the water kefir culture?

Don't worry about the crystals. The kefir crystals are robust. They can easily withstand a longer period of time in the bag. If the bag is distended, this indicates metabolic processes in the culture, not spoilage! Once you have the crystals, store t

What is the shelf life of the finished water kefir?

You can of course drink the finished water kefir immediately and store it in sealed bottles in the refrigerator. There it will continue to ferment very slowly and will keep for about 1-2 weeks. If you store it for longer, the taste will eventually su

How can I tell that the water kefir is ready?

You decide when you like your water kefir. It can be enjoyed at any time without any problems. For a mild and sweet kefir, you can finish the fermentation after 24 hours, for a sour result you need up to 72 hours. The rule here is try before you buy,

What do I have to pay attention to as soon as my water kefir arrives?

All our crops are alive, so they can't go indefinitely without nutrients. Once our package arrives you have 2 options:

How much sugar does the finished water kefir contain?

This depends on several factors, but mainly on the fermentation time. The longer you ferment, the more sugar is metabolised by the culture. But the condition of your culture, the amount of crystals used, the temperature and the sugar source also have

How do I properly prepare my water kefir at home?

The production of the water kefir is very simple and can be done in no time at all. Each package comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the brewing process.

My water kefir smells unpleasant. What could be the reason for that?

It is possible that your water kefir has cream yeast. Here's what you can do about it:

Can you freeze excess water kefir crystals?

The crystals are a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts. The activity of these is greatly reduced by freezing and some microorganisms will certainly fall by the wayside in this way. Nevertheless, freezing works quite well and the crystals will probably p

In my dry water kefir culture, the crystals are brown and not white. Is that normal?

Don't worry, this is quite normal. The culture is in a dried state when purchased and must first be activated in the first batch. Proceed according to the enclosed instructions.

Does water kefir contain alcohol?

The alcohol content of water kefir depends strongly on the circumstances of the fermentation. How much sugar was used? How long was the fermentation? How warm was it? Was a secondary fermentation added?. Normally, water kefir contains between 0.2 and

Can I also make water kefir with sugar substitutes?

For fermentation, the culture needs proper sugar. Xylitol and other sugar alcohols must not be used. It would be the same as if you were put on a zero diet. You might be able to endure it for a few days. But after that you start craving real sugar to

What is the difference especially regarding the bacteria contained in water kefir vs. kombucha ?

Water kefir and kombucha are basically two completely different strains. Besides two different tastes, they also contain different bacteria and yeast cultures. Furthermore, kombucha produces more acids. Water kefir is considered somewhat more probiot

Can I also prepare my water kefir with tap water or do I have to buy still water?

Depending on how good the tap water is in your city, you can of course also prepare with tap water. However, we generally recommend filtering the water beforehand in order to prevent the absorption of pollutants such as heavy metals.

How much water kefir should I drink daily?

Basically, there is no generally applicable consumption recommendation for water kefir. But as with all other fermented foods, you should approach the pleasure slowly. Recommendations from relevant specialist literature advise taking one glass with m

Is water kefir suitable for diabetics?

If you are diabetic, there are some important points to consider: Although the sugar is broken down during fermentation, the ready-to-drink water kefir may still contain some sugar. A good practice for diabetes sufferers is to prepare the kefir with

Can I also use fresh fruit instead of dried fruit?

Yes, you can! If you add the peel of fresh fruit to the water kefir, make sure that it is of organic quality. Pesticides, preservatives and other additives damage the culture by weakening or killing the microorganisms. Fruit juices are also suitable

Can I use tap water to brew water kefir?

Since the water kefir culture is a living microorganism, it is important to bring it into contact only with clean water and not with water that contains chlorine or other antimicrobial additives. In Germany, the quality of our tap water is usually ve

Can I use the dried fruit in the water kefir more than once?

Dried fruit can be used for a few passes. After about 3-4 starts, when they look more and more used up and start to look like a zombie, you can replace them with new fruits. If you use fresh fruits for the second fermentation, it is best to take them

How many water kefir crystals do I need?

To make one litre of liquid, you only need about 1 tbsp (30g) of crystals. The more crystals you use, the faster your water kefir will ferment. So this is also a starting point with which you can control your fermentation.

My water kefir crystals grow very slowly.

Did you just get your kefir or have a longer break? Then give the water kefir crystals enough time to get used to their new environment. If you have just taken them out of the fridge or they have had a long journey by post, then they will need to acc

Do I have to wash my kefir crystals?

That's a tip you sometimes find on the internet. However, in most cases it is actually more harmful rather than useful to wash your nodules with water, as many of the useful kefir cultures are washed away. If you wash your kefir regularly, you can we

What is the difference between the water kefir crystals you sell at DM Austria and the crystals in your online shop?

The cultures in our online shop are fresh so you can start the production immediately when they arrive. The cultures from DM are dried and can therefore be kept unrefrigerated. They have to be activated before you can start production. You can find o

Is water kefir also suitable for children?

That's something everyone has to decide for themselves. During fermentation there is also alcohol produced in small amounts. How much depends on the culture, the fermentation time, the temperature and the ingredients. Normally, water kefir contains b