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My yoghurt won't set. What am I doing wrong?Updated a year ago

There can be several reasons why your yoghurt does not set. 

  • Did you put the cultures in milk that was too hot? Unfortunately, the cultures are very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the milk should not exceed 40 °C, but of course not fall below it either. A constant temperature of around 40 °C is also important.

  • Exercise also harms the activity of the culture, so even if it's hard, please keep your hands off your yoghurt maker!

  • It could also be that the fermentation period has not yet been long enough and the bacteria have not yet had enough time to do their work.

  • Which milk did you use? Yoghurt needs both carbohydrates and protein to coagulate. Especially with vegan yoghurt cultures, it is important that the milk alternative contains enough of these. That is why we recommend soy or coconut milk. A soy drink, for example, naturally contains the minimum required 3 g of protein in 100 ml of liquid.

  • Thickeners such as tapioca can also help you to achieve the best consistency.
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